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Steel Anchor
DIN933 Hex Bolt
DIN6914 High Tensile Structural Bolt
DIN934 Hex Nut
DIN1587 Hex Domed Cap Nut
DIN7504k Self-Drilling Hexagon Head Screw with Collar
DIN975 DIN976 Thread Rod
DIN125A Plain Washer
Taizhou Jiaodian Fastener Co.,Ltd was established in 2001, located in the China Dainan Economic Development Zone. We are a member of China Fastener Association and China Steel Construction Society.

After 10 years development, we have almost 3000T production capacity per month, including: Thread Rods, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws, and Anchors, according with DIN, ANSI, BIS, and JIS standard. Currently about 70% of our products are being exported to: Europe, Australia, Africa, North America and so on.

Taizhou Jiaodian Fastener Co.,Ltd took 6S Management in 2005. We can ensure that every lot of the goods conforms to the standard requirements by the strict production process control. All the products shall imply three rigorous procedures of the self-inspection from the operators, the tour-inspection of the touring inspectors, the final products in-stock inspection. We also accept the strict monitor from the second party (the customers) and the third party (the certification institution). At the same time, we strengthen the client management and our coordinative communication mechanism with the customers. We are ready to furnish extensive old and new customers with the first-class products and service at any times.

Hope we can work together, and open the bright chapter of our cooperation.
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